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Back To School Scholarship Scheme

This scheme is an on-going one as it requires the constant outlook for children who do not attend school because of poverty, school dropouts, children hawking on the streets during school hours, etc. when we notice children in these categories, we approach them inquisitively and inquire of their backgrounds from their parents/guardians. We advise on the importance of education without imposing it on the children or their parents. We proceed to garnering financial support and eventually enrolling willing children into classes appropriate for their age and exposure.

A total of 9 children have benefitted from this scheme, viz:

  1. Abba Yahaya
  2. Zainab Abdulkadir
  3. Shamsu Ibrahim
  4. Khadijat Ibrahim
  5. Aisha Rabiu
  6. Lukman Mansur
  7. Khalid Ahmed Rufai
  8. An-nur Ahmed Rufai
  9. Al-amin Ahmed Rufai


With these children, we have observed progressive impact reflected on their academic result sheets and in their spoken language. They have had a better command of English by going to school, and can now communicate better in English language.

Benefincairies Stories

  1. Abba Yahaya

School: L.E.A. Sabon Gari, Gwagwalada, Abuja

Sponsor: The Potter’s Children Global Foundation

Abba S. Yahaya was an apprentice in a mechanic workshop where he learned under his father when we met him in 2016. He seemed bright from interactions with him. We inquired as to his education as he was usually at the workshop during school hours. We were told that he hadn’t attended school since they moved to the town, Gwagwalada, from their village. While in the village he had dropped out of primary school in primary 2. He showed interest in education but it was obvious that his father could not afford his education. We raised awareness for Abba’s education and enrolled him into primary 2 in L.E.A. Sabon Gari, Gwagwalada, Abuja. He is the first to benefit from the PCG Back to School Scholarship Scheme.

Abba has been in school for about three years (2017-2020), he’s in primary 6 now. He has a better command of English language in speaking, understanding, reading and writing, and he is performing well in school generally.

2. Zainab Abdulkadir

School: Government Secondary School, Gwagwalada, Abuja

Sponsor: Private Sponsor - Zuzumamman

We called out to Zainab in 2018 when we saw her hawking groundnut on the streets during school hours. She seemed intelligent as she communicated with us, informing us that she had finished her primary education at LEA Primary School, Dagiri, Gwagwalada, Abuja but was unable to further her secondary education as her parents lacked the means to see her through.

We raised awareness for Zainab’s education. A member of ours, Zulleihat O. Reached out to a celebrity, Zuzumamman who was interested in sponsoring Zainab’s fees. Since then, Zainab’s education has been sponsored by this generous woman. Zainab got enrolled into JSS1 and has continued to perform greatly in school, she is now in Jss3.

With time, we noticed that Zainab coupled schooling with hawking. We relayed this information to her sponsor as it affected her performance in school. Her sponsor gifted Zainab’s mother some money to begin a small business in lieu of Zainab’s hawking.

3. Emmanuel Joseph

School: Government Secondary School, Gwagwalada, Abuja

Sponsor: The Potter’s Children Global Foundation

We met Emmanuel at our first edition of 5 Books and A Pen, 2017, which held at LEA Primary School, Dagiri, Gwagwalada, when he was in primary 6. At our project, Emmanuel aced the academic quizzes for his set, emerging as the overall best student and winning a year’s PCG scholarship.

Emmanuel Joseph lost his dad years ago and is currently living with his guardian. His guardian has about 4 children and the additional schooling of Emmanuel has been burdensome for his guardian.

We have since then sponsored Emmanuel’s education. He continues to perform greatly in school. As at this year, 2020, Emmanuel is in Jss 3.

4. Faruwa Suleiman

School: LEA Primary School, Dagiri, Gwagwalada, Abuja

Sponsor: The Potter’s Children Global Foundation

We met Faruwa in 2017, during our 5 Books and A Pen 1.0 held at her school. She was awarded a year’s PCG Scholarship due to her great performance in the poetry competition.

We paid her fees through the years and she proved that it was Wirth it each time as she remained top of her class.

5. Lukman Mansur

School: L.E.A. Sabon Gari, Gwagwalada, Abuja

Sponsor: The Potter’s Children Global Foundation

Lukman Mansur was a 14 year old boy when we met him last year (2019) . He finished primary school in the year 2016 but has been able to go back to school because his father refused to pay his school fees. He told us his story in tears.

His father is currently in school reading Guidance and Counseling and says that he cannot afford to send his son to school because he wants to finish his own studies; that nobody took care of him when he was little and so his son should not expect same.

Lukman had used his time to learn tailoring. His mother grinds pepper and he had lost his sister two days before we met him. His other sister is sponsoring herself in school with the money she gained from working as a sales girl.

Lukman appeared to be a very bright child who was ready to put in his best if he returned to school. We created awareness and raised funds to sponsor Lukman’s education. He is currently doing well in school.

6. Shamsu Ibrahim

School: Junior Secondary School, Sabon Gari, Gwagwalada, Abuja

Sponsor: The Potter’s Children Global Foundation

We met Shamsu Ibrahim in 2019 when he was hawking water under the sun in Gwagwalada. He was a Primary 6 dropout at the time.

His parents could not afford to sponsor him through secondary school because of the high enrolment fees. His father is a meat seller and he hails from a family of three (3) boys and one (1) girl and none of them were schooling at the time.

Ibrahim was willing to go to school because he was interested in learning. We raised awareness and some funds to sponsor Ibrahim’s education. Like the others, Shamsu was taken off the streets and enrolled into School almost immediately.

7. Khadijat Ibrahim

School: Pilot Science Primary School, Gwagwalada, Abuja

Sponsor: The Potter’s Children Global Foundation

Khadijat Ibrahim was introduced to us through her brother, Shamsu, who told us that he had a little sister but that she has never attended school. He told us that she attended some lessons, however. We sought to meet with her and to our amazement she was VERY intelligent. She could verbally spell and write so many words, and this is without ever attending school. She expressed interest in schooling.

We quickly enrolled her and she’s been doing greatly since then.

8. The Aisha Rabius

School: Pilot Science Primary School, Gwagwalada, Abuja

Sponsor: The Potter’s Children Global Foundation

We met Aisha Rabiu about 2 years ago (2018) when she was hawking satchet water (at ten years old) on a sunny afternoon around 1pm, during school hours. We interacted with her through a translator because she could not communicate in English language at the time.

She informed us that she had never been to school and that she was interested in attending school like her friends.

We informed her guardian, her elder brother, of our intention to enrol her into school. She was excited. He agreed to support us in taking Aisha off the streets and into the classroom.

We enrolled Aisha into Primary 1 in February, 2018. Over the years, we have observed progress in her knowledge as she can communicate in English language without the need for a translator.

By extension, we enrolled her brothers in the same school. Unfortunately, they do not share her zeal for learning.

9. The Rufais

School: L.E.A. Agwandodo, Gwagwalada, Abuja

Sponsor: Private Sponsor & The Potter’s Children Global Foundation

These trio lost their father and things began to go badly for them financially. They relocated from the far north to FCT to seek greener pastures. Things were quite difficult for their mother who was trying to make a living to cater for her three boys. During our annual 5 Books and A Pen Project in 2019 at LEA Agwandodo, Gwagwalada, a teacher at the school introduced us to the family.

Their mother was excited about the opportunity for her children to go to school. She did not expect us to sponsor them throughout their education as she hoped to be able to cater for them with the money she hoped to make. Fortunately, we got a sponsor for one of the boys, and the foundation has catered for the education of the other two boys.

10. 12 Scholarship Beneficiaries at A Primary School Gwandodo

  • Abubakar Hamzat Mohammad
  • Anthony Promise Yechenu
  • Angulu Godiya
  • Rita Ogbona
  • Ogili Emmanuel
  • Muhammad Ummi-Salma
  • Mufidat Sani
  • Matthew Isaiah
  • Friday Rotimi Moses
  • Abdullahi Hafsat
  • Benjamin Ojoshide Etu
  • Maikeffi Jamilla

11. 12 Scholarship beneficiaries at IDP Camp Sharing Prosperity School, New Kuchingoro