Breakfast with the Kids 2021


There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.

Mahatma Gandhi

Project Title: Breakfast with the Kids

Project Type: Feeding Project

Project Scope: Indigent School Children

Project Date & Time: 15th February 2020, 10:00am

Project Venue: Two Schools at the Internally Displaced Persons Camp, New Kuchingoro, FCT, Abuja

Breakfast with the Kids is a new initiative of The Potter’s Children Global foundation designed to provide breakfast for indigent kids who have troubles with feeding. The first of its kind was strategically scheduled to hold in the spirit of love, a day after Valentine’s Day. Recognising love as essential to human co-existence, and the need to cater for the feeding of the Internally Displaced Kids, the PCG Foundation decided to extend some love to the children at the IDP Camp by making sure that each child is fed for school that day. As you know, “nothing runs well on an empty stomach.”

The items needed for the project were purchased on different days before the project date. These items included:

  1. 400 loaves of bread
  2. 13 crates of egg
  3. Satchets of Milo beverage
  4. Mudus of milk
  5. Mudus of sugar
  6. A carton of caprisonne drink
  7. Disposable cups
  8. Drinking water 

On the project day, 15th February 2021, preparations for the project began as early as 5:00am when the loaves of bread were collected freshly from the bakery and when the tea was freshly prepared and packaged by volunteers. Volunteers and members of the PCG Foundation arrived at the project venue as early as 8:00am for the project. 

The project began with a collective prayer said, following which the children at the first school, Sharing Prosperity School, were taught by our team on the theme of LOVE in their respective classes. While this went on, volunteers and members assumed their different roles ready and waiting for the procession of kids to collect their breakfasts. Our team members in charge of crowd control guided the kids in single files to the breakfast collection points for their breakfasts. The younger kids were assisted back to their sits to eat and were assisted kids with the peeling of their boiled eggs. Our team proceeded to the second school and repeated the same procedure, including the distribution of juice packs and snacks donated by a volunteer for the kids. 

In total, PCG fed more than 500 persons, particularly 496 children of both schools, and including neighbouring children and women. The distribution went smoothly and the children expressed great joy and thanked us endlessly for our show of love. 

The project came to an end at about 1pm, and was recorded a huge successful.


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