Gleeful Fighters 3.0 (17th April, 2021)

Gleeful Fighters 3.0

Gleeful Fighters 3.0 (17th April, 2021)

Gleeful Fighters 3.0

This day, 17th of April 2021, volunteers and members of The Potter’s Children Global Foundation (PCG) kicked off Gleeful Fighter’s 3.0 (the project) at 9:00am with an opening prayer at The University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, Gwagwalada, Abuja (UATH), after which they proceeded to the Quality Improvement Unit to complete preliminary steps to the execution of the project proper.



The Chief Medical Director of UATH granted PCG access to various wards to execute her project. These wards include:

  1. Paediatric Medical Ward (PMW)
  2. Emergency Paediatric Unit (EPU)
  3. Maternity Ward (MW)
  4. Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU)

Because of the changes in the number of patients in each ward daily, a survey had to be carried out to get accurate data of patients in each ward. Hence, PCG visited each of the wards, gave brief introductions to the matrons overseeing the wards, and then counted the patient-occupants present.


Having gotten accurate figures and other indices, a strategy was drawn up for the smooth distribution of palliatives to the patients.

Each Volunteer present was assigned to distribute particular palliatives. They were shared into two teams; distributors of toiletries and distributors of edibles. Toiletries included: detergents, soaps, sanitizers, pampers, sanitary pads, tissue papers, toothpastes, facemasks. Edibles included: milo, milk, cornflakes, biscuits, ribena, lucozade.


PCG proceeded first to EPU which comprised kids of both the EPU and the PMW amounting to 23 hospitalised kids, complying with COVID-19 protocols.

Two volunteers told kid-stories to a few children to uplift their spirits and encourage them. The rest of the volunteers distributed palliatives as they were assigned to do. The distributors of toiletries proceeded first to distribute, followed by the distributors of edibles.

Special notice was taken of children in need of finances and support and of those in very critical conditions.

Proceeding to the Maternity Ward, PCG attended to about 17 nursing mothers assisting them with toiletries and milky palliatives to encourage breastfeeding.

About three representatives were permitted into the SCBU where babies requiring special care were hosted. Here, PCG ensured that each child was given a good amount of pampers. Interactive sessions were also held with the mothers and parent of about three special care babies who have been detained for non-payment of hospital bills. PCG collected their necessary details to assist in raising awareness for donations towards the treatments and eventual discharge of the babies.

On the whole, Gleeful Fighters 3.0 was a huge success, all thanks to God for the resources and support that He provided through men, through you. The kids, mothers and wards were excited to have PCG and receive the gifts of love. They appreciated every bit of kindness that PCG shared. Thank you for being part of this. Thank you for making a difference. For ensuring that a sick indigent kid is sure of having a good snack, especially when the regular meals become distasteful. Thank you for lifting the burdens on the already burdened mothers and wards of ill children, removing the worries of what their kids will eat, how their clothes will be washed and how they will take care of themselves while taking care of their children.

Thank you for choosing kindness.

Gleeful Fighters 3.0 has only witnessed the beginning of an end. PCG continues to raise funds to assist the indigent child-patients in the hospitals who are merely occupying bed spaces without receiving any form of treatment but this accumulating bills of at least 1200 on a daily basis. We implore you to join us to assist these Gleeful Fighters to clear their Medical bills and begin a journey to healthy living. Thank you.

The project title - Gleeful Fighters - was carefully selected to refer to hospitalised kids who we (The Potter’s Children Global Foundation) consider to be fighters, fighters for their health, and not just fighters but gleeful ones because of the joy we seek to spread to them through the project and the love we hope to leave imprinted on their hearts after we are gone.

Gleeful Fighters, therefore, is a health/medical aid project of The Potter’s Children Global Foundation (PCG), through which we offset the medical bills of indigent hospitalised kids (some of whom are detained in the hospital for non-payment of

bills), and through which we provide reliefs and palliatives. 🥳 🥳 

The reliefs we provide include:

1. Toiletries (tissue, pad, pampers, soap, detergents) 🧼 🧴 2. Beverages (milk, milo, lucozade) 🥛

3. Snacks(biscuits, cheese balls)🥟 🥨 🍟

4.Cheerful moments shared with the gleeful fighters featuring words of

encouragement, prayers, story telling etc. 😀 ) * + 🤗

So far, PCG has had two successful editions of this project in the years 2018 and

2020 🌟 in University of Abuja Teaching Hospital Gwagwalada, Abuja. Through previous editions, we have freed no less than ten (10) children from hospital detention for non-payment of medical bills 💸 💵 🤑 and followed up on their journeys to full recovery (we are still in contact with some of them). Also, we have provided reliefs to an estimated aggregate of 130 hospitalised children, etc.

We do not take the glory for all of these great impacts. God has been with us and YOU have joined us in making this a reality, thank you. We hope that you join us in this third edition to help more indigent children. 😊 😇

Reports for the last two projects are available for perusal. Kindly, our account

details are provided below. Thank you! 🤗

ACCOUNT NO.: 1015370881 




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